Property Development – Eg Pk News (Spring 2017)

Sadly, we have nothing new to report on this although we are continuing to pressurise councillors and council officers to take some action to encourage owners to develop these sites.   We will continue to keep you informed of any developments.

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Residents’ Association AGM – Eg Pk News (Spring 2017)

We have now fixed a date for this meeting on Wednesday 7th June 7pm – 8.30pm at The Lauries Centre, Claughton Road, Birkenhead.   Refreshments, including a glass of wine, will be provided.   Do come along and support the work of your committee and let us know what you would like us to focus on in the next 12 months.   Is the litter problem in the park getting worse?   What is happening to the derelict properties?   Are all residents now contributing to road repairs?   Are you interested in joining the committee?   Come and give us your views.   We will be sending out reminders and agendas nearer the date.

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Road Repairs Letter and Invoice – 19/02/2017

The following letter was delivered on Sunday, 19th February to all those households which, so far this financial year (01/04/16 – 31/03/17), have not contributed to the road repairs fund.

Dear Egerton Park Neighbour,


As you will be aware, the road in Egerton Park is unadopted by the council which means the owner of each property is legally responsible for the upkeep of the road along their frontage.

It was for this reason that Egerton Park Residents’ Association was established in 2005, and it was agreed that each household should pay £60 a year, or £5 a month, towards maintaining the road and other items of infrastructure, such as the entrance pillars and traffic islands.   However, we are reliant on property owners paying their fees when due in order to continue to maintain the road and infrastructure.   Most residents are happy to contribute what amounts to £1.15 a week, i.e. less than the price of a cup of coffee, to make the park safer and more pleasant for all of us.

Since April 2015, a total of £11,210 has been spent by the residents’ association on road repairs.   Most recently £3,000 was spent resurfacing the Bebington Road entrance in November 2016.

Our records indicate that, although we delivered an invoice to you in September 2016, you still have not made any contribution to the upkeep of the road this financial year, and your payment is now overdue.  If you think we are mistaken, please accept our apologies and contact us to correct our records.   If you are a tenant, please pass this letter to your landlord.   Overleaf is a duplicate invoice for this financial year with details of how to pay.

Those who do not pay towards the maintenance fund would not be covered by our public liability insurance if an accident were to occur outside their property.

Householders who have contributed £5 a month/£60 a year since the fund was established have paid a total of £660, though there are others who have paid much more.

Since the fund was set up in 2006 we have received £…………….. for your address, this is a shortfall of £……………     We last received £………….. on………………………………. for………………………………………………………

We would agree to waive your outstanding arrears if you start, and continue to make, regular payments now whether it be by yearly payment or monthly standing order.   If this happens we will treat your account as up to date.   Clearly, if you are a new resident we would not expect you to be responsible for amounts due from the previous owner.   However, we do need everyone’s contribution in order to continue to improve the road surface.

Together we can make a difference but without your support we cannot.

We look forward to receiving your contribution towards the cost of repairing the road.

Yours faithfully,

The Committee

Egerton Park Residents’ Association

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Keep Safe this Winter – Eg Pk News (Christmas 2016)

In winter, there are some challenges which pose a specific risk to older people.   Dr. Louise May of Kare Plus Wirral, offers some helpful tips to keep you safe:

  • Avoid Slipping on Ice      Icy, frosty roads and pavements make it easy to slip and fall.   During adverse weather only go out if absolutely essential.   Wear shoes with good traction and non-slip soles.   Take off shoes as soon as you return indoors because snow and ice attach to the soles and, once melted, can lead to slippery conditions inside, especially on tiled floors.
  • Dress for Warmth          Cold temperatures can lead to hypothermia.   Don’t let indoor temperatures go too low and dress in layers.   When going outside wear warm socks, a heavy coat, a warm hat, gloves and use a scarf to cover your mouth and protect your lungs.
  • Ask your GP for a flu immunisation especially if you have an underlying health condition such as asthma or heart disease.   If you do get flu or a heavy cold drink plenty of warm fluids, stay indoors, wrap up warm and take paracetamol to treat headaches and fever.   You are more likely to get a cold in winter but some foodstuffs can help to boost your immune system.   Milk, cheese, yoghurt and fromage frais are a great source of protein and vitamins A and B12.   A hot bowl of porridge is a great way to start the day and gives a boost of starch and fibre.   Adding fruit instead of sugar is a healthier option.
  • Avoid Depression         Many people have less contact with others during cold months.   This can breed feelings of loneliness and isolation.   To avoid this, get family and friends to call in regularly.   Even a short, daily phone call can make a big difference.
  • Check the Car              Get your car serviced before winter hits.   Checking things like the oil, tyres, battery, anti-freeze and wipers can make a big difference on winter roads.

The most important tip is to ask others for help.   If you need to clear your path of snow and ice, ask a family member or neighbour, or hire a professional.   Arrange lifts to the supermarket and doctor’s appointments.   Don’t be afraid to reach out for help.

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Naturewatch – Eg Pk News (Christmas 2016)

In our summer newsletter, we asked if anyone had spotted a giant pink fluffy rabbit riding a motorbike with sidecar in the park on Sunday 13th March.   We are delighted to announce that the rabbit has been identified as ‘Jim’ and we therefore decided to include a photo of Jim the rabbit in our regular nature watch slot.   Jim participates in this event – the Wirral Egg Run – every year collecting eggs and donations for children’s charities and Claire House.   Watch out next year for the charity Egg Run, and of course Jim the Rabbit, due to take place on Sunday 2nd April and do please make a donation.

We are always pleased to receive your photos or stories to include in our regular Naturewatch slot.

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Derelict Properties – Eg Pk News (Christmas 2016)

At our AGM this year, a number of residents again expressed concern about the vacant, neglected properties and sites in the park at 46-48, Englewood (42-44), 108, and 77.   These properties attract vandalism and crime, and blight what is otherwise a tranquil and pleasant place to live.   We subsequently met with local councillor, Moira McLaughlin, and cabinet member for Housing and Community Safety, George Davies, and supplied them with photographs of the derelict properties.   Our chair then also organised a walk around the park with David Ball, Wirral’s Head of Regeneration, George Davies and Moira McLaughlin.   To date there has been no further progress to report on this but we will of course keep you informed of any developments.   In our newsletter we included a photograph of the worst site in the park, although it has recently been cleared and large boards erected in an attempt to prevent more fly tipping.

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United Utilities – Eg Pk News (Christmas 2016)

One of our residents contacted us to inform us that they were attending a meeting with United Utilities, and offered to represent any concerns about water supply and drainage in the park.   This resulted in a meeting between one of your committee and a representative from United Utilities.   Stuart Minton (United Utilities) informed us that the sewers in the park had been surveyed in the last 12 months and were in a good state of repair.   However, the law on private sewer ownership had changed on 1st October 2011.

Stuart explained that the new law now means that you, or the owner of your property, are only responsible for the drainage pipe which serves your own property.   Sewer pipes which are shared by more than one property, or run beyond your property boundary, have become United Utilities’ responsibility.

Prior to this legislation, if a private sewer pipe got damaged or blocked, you might have to pay for repairs, even if the pipe was not within your property boundary.   Similarly, if you shared a sewer pipe with your neighbour, you could have ended up paying for a costly repair for an issue that was not your fault.   The new rules are designed to prevent these kinds of problems from occurring.

United Utilities have agreed to redistribute a leaflet to every household in the park to explain about this change in the next few weeks.   They have also agreed to distribute some information advising what householders should do to keep their drains flowing freely e.g. by disposing of cooling fat in heat resistant containers and not flushing wet-wipes, cotton buds etc. down the toilet.   We hope this information will be of use to residents.   

Many thanks to resident, John, for alerting us to the meeting and supplying us with an excellent United Utilities contact.   Thanks also to Stuart Minton from United Utilities, who has agreed, with his team, to distribute these leaflets for us.

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