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Report from our AGM – Eg Pk News (Summer 2017)

Our AGM this year was held at the Lauries in Birkenhead on 7th June and, despite the change of venue, there was a good turnout from residents.   Those who attended identified a number of current issues that they were concerned about in the park including fly tipping, blocked drains, wheelie bins being left on the road and litter.   But by far the issues that caused greatest concern were the derelict properties and abandoned sites in the park at 46/48, 77, 108 and the large building at 42/44 that was previously Englewood Nursing Home.   Not only do these sites make the park look uncared for and detract from what is otherwise a very pleasant place to live, they also attract criminal damage, vandalism, fly tipping, possible drug use, the daubing of graffiti and other forms of anti-social behaviour.

Your chair summarised the current stalemate in terms of progressing matters with the council and property owners about this issue, and the frustration of the committee at the lack of action despite their best efforts.  There were various suggestions from those present as to what further action might be taken including a petition to the leader of the council.   It was therefore agreed that, as in the case last year, the issue of derelict properties will remain the committee’s top priority for the next 12 months.

Other agenda items included our ongoing programme of road repairs and the proactive approach of the committee to encouraging all residents of the park to contribute towards our maintenance fund.   On 31/03/2017 (the end of the last full financial year) 88% of houses, 28% of flats and 100% of residential homes had contributed.  Road repairs completed at the end of May/early June cost £4,260.   A big thank you to all our contributors.

In the light of concerns about anti-social behaviour, it was suggested by the committee that residents might want to consider installation of CCTV cameras.   There were a range of views expressed about this proposal including some strong views that CCTV was ineffective as a deterrent, and that those intent on criminal behaviour could easily avoid being detected and could damage the cameras.   Others felt uncomfortable with the principle of CCTV which they felt would impact on the sense of community in the park.   It was agreed that there would need to be more consultation with residents about this proposal which would involve considerable expense from the maintenance fund.   The possibility of securing funding in the form of a grant to enhance community safety (crime prevention) should also be explored.

Finally, we were delighted to welcome two new committee members.  It is great to involve new people, some fresh (young!) blood and new perspectives.   Sadly our long term treasurer has decided to resign after 11 years as a committee member.   Many of you will know her and will be sorry to see her leave the committee.   Our thanks go to her for all her hard work over such a long time.   This leaves the committee with an unfilled role and the need to identify someone who can act as our treasurer.   The role is a pretty straightforward one and much less onerous now that we have set up our database (for which the treasurer does not have responsibility).   He/she receives payments and provides receipts, transfers cheques to the bank, pays invoices for road repairs etc., and produces figures for our AGM.   If you know of anyone in the park who has some basic bookkeeping experience or is good with figures, please let us know.

The full AGM minutes can be found on our website.


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United Utilities – Eg Pk News (Christmas 2016)

One of our residents contacted us to inform us that they were attending a meeting with United Utilities, and offered to represent any concerns about water supply and drainage in the park.   This resulted in a meeting between one of your committee and a representative from United Utilities.   Stuart Minton (United Utilities) informed us that the sewers in the park had been surveyed in the last 12 months and were in a good state of repair.   However, the law on private sewer ownership had changed on 1st October 2011.

Stuart explained that the new law now means that you, or the owner of your property, are only responsible for the drainage pipe which serves your own property.   Sewer pipes which are shared by more than one property, or run beyond your property boundary, have become United Utilities’ responsibility.

Prior to this legislation, if a private sewer pipe got damaged or blocked, you might have to pay for repairs, even if the pipe was not within your property boundary.   Similarly, if you shared a sewer pipe with your neighbour, you could have ended up paying for a costly repair for an issue that was not your fault.   The new rules are designed to prevent these kinds of problems from occurring.

United Utilities have agreed to redistribute a leaflet to every household in the park to explain about this change in the next few weeks.   They have also agreed to distribute some information advising what householders should do to keep their drains flowing freely e.g. by disposing of cooling fat in heat resistant containers and not flushing wet-wipes, cotton buds etc. down the toilet.   We hope this information will be of use to residents.   

Many thanks to resident, John, for alerting us to the meeting and supplying us with an excellent United Utilities contact.   Thanks also to Stuart Minton from United Utilities, who has agreed, with his team, to distribute these leaflets for us.

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Postscript – Eg Pk News (Summer 2016)

And many thanks to Roger who single-handedly righted both the litter and grit bins at the top entrance, which had been found on the morning of Saturday 2nd July having been overturned by some mindless individuals.


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And Finally Thank You – Eg Pk News (Summer 2015)

To the mystery resident(s) who fixed 10mph speed limit signs on both roundabouts; they are ideally placed to attract the attention of motorists.   And thank you to the resident who contacted the council on behalf of us all.   As a consequence the council has contacted the owner, the full skips at Englewood (42/44) have been removed and windows at this property, and at 77, have been boarded up and made safe.

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Road Repairs – Eg Pk News (Summer 2014)

For those of you unable to attend our AGM, our finances were £3000 but should reach £4200 by the time you receive this newsletter.   At the current rate of residents’ contributions we hope to be in a position to commission more road repairs in early September and before the winter sets in.   We would like to take this opportunity to say a special thank you to the residents who made an additional donation of £250 at our AGM, and to another individual who sent us an unexpected cheque for £475.   This will now mean that we can repair more of the road.   We will be sending out invoices for your contributions for 2014/2015 in September.

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Byrne Avenue Roundabout – Eg Pk News (Autumn 2011)

At last, work on our second traffic island is complete.   We have received positive comments that both the appearance and safety of the roundabout have been greatly improved by this work.   Hopefully the addition of prickly shrubs will deter youths from congregating there too.   Many thanks again to all those residents whose regular contributions have made this refurbishment possible and also to the particular resident who has looked after the plants for us.

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Thank You – Eg Pk News (Summer 2010)

Thanks again to Richie James who has once again repaired and repainted the front entrance pillar for us.

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