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‘No Cold Calling’ Update – Eg Pk News (Christmas 2014)

Many of our residents will remember our ‘no cold calling’ campaign that resulted in Egerton Park becoming the first officially recognised ‘no cold calling zone’ on Wirral in 2008.   Since then we have had very few complaints from residents and it would appear that we have effectively policed the zone ourselves by giving any unwanted trades people short shrift!

Wirral Borough Council are currently facing a huge financial challenge, needing to make massive savings in the next few years.   As part of this process they issued a consultation questionnaire which closed on 31st October.   The questionnaire contained a list of options for making savings with the opportunity for Wirral residents to agree/disagree with the proposals.   One involved imposing a charge of £10 per household to implement ‘No Cold Calling Zones’.

On 13th October we emailed all those residents for whom we have contact details and we also updated our website about this.   We suggested that residents might consider opposing this proposal on the basis that we already have an effective ‘no cold calling’ zone, which appears to be monitored successfully thanks to our own vigilance.   We will need to wait and see if the council decides to pursue this option.


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‘No Cold Calling Zone’ Update – Email 13/10/2014

The following is the message that was sent to our residents via email on Monday 13th October.   If you are not on our mailing list and wish to be included then please let us know using the reply box below.

Dear Egerton Park Resident,

Many of our residents will remember our ‘no cold calling’ campaign which resulted in Egerton Park becoming the first officially recognised ‘no cold calling zone’ on Wirral in 2008.   The campaign included considerable support from Trading Standards, consultation with residents and culminated in the erection of notices at both roundabouts funded by residents.   Since that date we have had very few complaints from residents and it would appear that we have effectively policed the zone ourselves by giving any unwanted tradespeople short shrift!
Residents will undoubtedly be aware of Wirral Borough Council’s current need to make massive savings in the next few years and they have issued a consultation document/questionnaire, the consultation period finishing on 31st October.   The document is entitled ‘Future Council Questionnaire’ and copies can be obtained from your local library or can be completed on-line at
The document contains a list of options for making these savings with the opportunity for Wirral residents to agree/disagree with these proposals.   On page 16 there is an option entitled ‘Cold Calling Zones’.   This proposal involves imposing a charge of £10 per household (it is not clear whether this charge is a one-off or an annual payment).   The charge would be towards implementing ‘no cold calling’ zones and providing “a rapid response to reported instances of cold caller activity, a designated coordinator, with a link to ‘Ringmaster’ messaging and alerts, advice and other services”.

Your committee has discussed this proposal and it is our view that we already have an effective ‘no cold calling’ zone which appears to be monitored successfully thanks to the vigilance of residents.   We also feel that the proposed charge might act as a disincentive to those residents who, for whatever reason, are unwilling or unable to make contributions towards our maintenance fund.

Obviously we can only advise residents not to support this proposal but we felt that the above information may assist you in completing the questionnaire.

Egerton Park Residents’ Association

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Cold Calling – Eg Pk News (Summer 2011)

Residents have reported to us a few recent incidents of ‘cold calling’ in the park despite the ‘No Cold Calling’ notices displayed near both entrances.   We have contacted Trading Standards who have advised that representatives of some companies may still call at individual houses that do not display ‘Cold Callers Not Welcome’ stickers.   We clearly want to nip this in the bud so ask residents to contact us if this happens again and we will consider if further action, such as redistribution of stickers, is required.

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Minutes of AGM – 4th May 2011

Egerton Park Residents’ Association

Minutes of Annual General Meeting     4th May 2011

Attendance: 20 residents plus committee members

Apologies: 1 resident

1. Welcome and Introduction – Chair

2. Chair’s report – The chair’s written report was circulated at the meeting.   The report highlighted the priorities agreed at last year’s AGM and progress made against each item.

3. Matters arising from report

i)            Planning Future of Egerton Park.   Residents’ views were sought about the future of the park in the light of the recent closure of 3 residential homes and the likelihood that they will become derelict due to planning stalemate (i.e. any proposals to develop these properties into flats are likely to be refused on the basis of the narrow junction at Bebington Rd entrance, the  planners’ view the entrance has reached maximum traffic capacity and the committee’s ownership of the pillars).   Concerns were expressed about the property at 46-48 which is not secure, is an eyesore, and youths are using it as a through route.   Concerns were also expressed that vacant properties will invite crime and lead to a gradual deterioration in the park environment.   The committee confirmed that work on 108 had been abandoned but those present felt that the empty property there was not causing particular problems.   Another resident informed the meeting about concerns at number 12 which had been targeted by police following reports of drug related activity.   Some arrests have now taken place and the property is now multi occupied and causing  no further problems.   It was suggested by one resident that the committee should explore with planners the possibility of supporting proposals for lower density/apartment style accommodation and that the committee should pursue a meeting with a representative from the Council Regeneration department.

ii)               Road Repairs.   Those present appeared to be happy for the committee to continue programme of road surface repairs, funds permitting.

iii)               ‘Your Wirral Fund’.   A list of the criteria for bids for the fund was circulated to those present.   Up to £2500 could be available.   The issue of lack of lighting in Delyn Close was raised as council have refused to install lighting.   This would help to ‘create safe environment’ and ‘reduce fear of crime’.   Committee had already discussed bid to fund professional printing of newsletter.   Committee to pursue.

4. Treasurer’s Report

The treasurer circulated a written report.   Our account currently stands at £5782.88 but £1714 of this is already committed to bottom island railings.   Those present expressed disappointment about the consistently low numbers of residents who contribute but that existing monies should be spent on pothole repairs.   A suggestion was made that we should again include list of homes that contribute in next newsletter despite previous lack of response.

5. Priorities for 2011/2012

These were agreed as proposed in chair’s report as follows:

  • ongoing pothole repairs
  • complete Byrne Ave traffic island
  • continued monitoring of planning applications and dialogue with Regeneration Dept
  • engagement with residents including email contacts
  • arrange meeting with Sean Brady to discuss highways issues
  • fundraising including ‘Your Wirral Fund’ bid
  • any other concerns raised by residents

6. Nomination and election of committee members

The committee would welcome any new members.   If interested please contact us.

7. Any Other Business

 i)                  Cold Calling.   There have been two incidents of ‘cold-callers’ reported to the committee.   We have sought advice from Trading Standards who have identified a loophole in that rogue traders have been calling if no sticker is displayed on the property despite our ‘No Cold Calling’ signs at both entrances.   Any further incidents please contact the committee and we will review the situation and look at redistributing new stickers to all households.

ii)                 Email addresses.   If residents would like to give us their email addresses then this will be another way of communicating information quickly.   Residents can still expect to receive their 3-monthly newsletters.

iii)               Murder Mystery.   There appeared to be little interest from those present for this idea.

iv)               Tea towels and bags.   These are still available at £3 each.

v)                 Dog fouling.   It was noted that this problem appears to have improved and dog wardens have been patrolling the park.

vi)               Vehicles.   Concerns expressed about speed of some vehicles and also the continued problem of cars parking on roadway and abandoned cars that restrict residents’ access.   Would the committee look at speed enforcement, traffic calming, traffic systems with Sean Brady when he visits.

vii)             Sandbox.   This proved invaluable during the severe winter weather.

viii)           Tree pruning.   Committee confirmed that advice must be sought from Tree Preservation Officer before carrying out work on trees in the park covered by Tree Preservation Order.

The committee was thanked for their work over the past 12 months.

The meeting closed at 8.35pm.

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No Cold-Calling Zone – Eg Pk News (Summer 2010)

Following lengthy campaigning by the energy watchdog Consumer Focus and Trading Standards, the big six energy companies say they are now committed to respecting the wishes of people who live in recognised ‘no cold-calling zones’ or who display signs or stickers saying ‘no’ to cold-callers.   This is great news for Egerton Park, established as Wirral’s first ‘no cold-calling zone’ in February 2008.

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No Cold Calling Zone – Eg Pk News (Summer 2009)

Egerton Park remains a “NO COLD CALLING” zone and, whilst this can’t be legally enforced, we have complained to trading standards about recent sales people claiming they have permission from the residents’ committee – this is not true and we would never endorse any salespeople.   If you don’t want them at your door, tell them to go away and report any issues to our vice-chair who will monitor these issues for us.

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