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This morning a small ‘silver fox’ rabbit was found on one of the car parks in Egerton Park.   It has obviously been well looked after and is currently being cared for by one of the committee.
If nobody claims it then it will be taken along to the RSPCA in Leasowe.
If you know a neighbour who has rabbits would you please check with them in case it is one of theirs.
We have already contacted everyone we have email addresses for.   If you haven’t received one of those emails but you know of the rabbit’s owner, please use the contact box below and give us your details so that we can get back to you.
With many thanks.

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Make a Difference

Do let us know if you have an item for the newsletter or if you want to help your association in any way, because

Together We Can Make a Difference

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Where Did the Easter Bunny Come From? – Eg Pk News (Spring 2018)

Historians believe that the Easter bunny originated from the ancient pagan goddess “Eostra”, who was symbolised by a hare.   Pagans celebrated Eostra during the springtime because the goddess symbolised fertility and the Easter egg was a symbol of new life.   This became closely related to rabbits, which were known for their bountiful reproduction!   Christianity eventually assimilated many of these pagan traditions into the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ at or around Easter.

In our spring newsletter 2017 we told you about the tradition of painting or colouring Easter eggs which began as early as the 13th century.   This tradition combined with the hare as a symbol of fertility to create the Easter bunny.   The Easter bunny first appeared in a German written text in the 15th century and was called Osterhase, the egg-laying hare.   Children celebrated Easter by making nests for the rabbit where it could deliver its coloured, chocolate eggs [who said children were stupid?].

German migrants took this tradition to the USA in the 1700s when they settled in Pennsylvania.   Eventually the egg-bringing Easter bunny expanded throughout the USA and back to Europe but, instead of just bringing eggs, the bunny also brought sweets and gifts.   Since around the 1870s this tradition has expanded to Easter egg hunts and Easter egg rolling competitions, even at the White House in Washington DC.

Closer to home the Wirral Egg Run took place on 18th March 2018.   This is an annual bikers’ charity event which takes place along the west coast of the Wirral, starting at New Brighton, through Wallasey, Moreton, Hoylake, West Kirby, Thurstaston, Heswall, Thornton Hough and Clatterbridge ending at Claremont Farm.   We know of at least one of our residents who regularly takes part in a motor cycle and side car.

Whether you take part in an Easter egg hunt or just enjoy some chocolate whilst relaxing at home, or engage in any other events, we wish you all a very happy Easter.   This spring, let’s all commit to making Egerton Park a safer and nicer place to live in 2018 and beyond.

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Christmas Shopping? Eg Pk News (Christmas 2017)

One of our residents (the bike man) buys and sells second hand bikes, and all the proceeds from their sale go to Macmillan Nurses and Marie Curie Cancer Care.   The bikes are displayed outside his house, are all in good working order and are very reasonably priced – an ideal present for a child who has just learnt to ride.   They won’t cost the earth and you will be donating to charity at the same time.

He also grows the best dahlias in Egerton Park!

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Have I Been Pwned? – Eg Pk News (Christmas 2017)

No, it isn’t a spelling mistake!   It’s the name of a very useful website.   It seems that all too often we hear about major websites being hacked and email addresses being listed online; in some cases passwords are obtained too.   There was a particularly large data leak of 700 million email addresses in August of this year.   So we would all like to know if our own email address has been affected. was set up by a cyber security expert to allow people to check just that.   It is a safe service that enables web users to check their email address against lists of known data leaks.   You’ll need to enter your email address but that is all.   If you get bad news and your email address has been included in a data breach, it would be sensible to change the relevant passwords.   Ideally, never use the same password for multiple sites, and it’s more important than ever to watch out for spam and junk messages.  If requested, the website can also notify you automatically when future ‘pwnage’ occurs and your account compromised.

To find out more, is the link to a BBC article about the large spamming operation and the Have I Been Pwned website.   Help can also be found at (you don’t need to be a member of Which?).

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Spoof Emails – Eg Pk News (Summer 2017)

Email spoofing is the creation of email messages with a forged sender address, and it is common for spam and phishing emails to use such spoofing to mislead the recipient about the origin of the message.

Most of us at some time have received these and they arrive seemingly from someone you know or from a genuine firm such as PayPal or HMRC.   Now and again the Egerton Park email account also receives them in the spam/junk folder, purportedly from one of our contacts saying ‘Hi Egerton’, giving a website link to click on but no message, and then signing off with the formal name of the supposed sender.   Needless to say all of these emails have always been deleted immediately.   No-one has gained access to our contacts list, and when we send out messages we ensure that all residents and owners’ email addresses are kept private.

Depending on your email provider and if you are using a desktop or laptop computer, both the name of the sender and their email address are often automatically displayed, for example – Egerton Park Residents Association (   It is good practice to get into the habit of checking the actual email address, especially if you are unsure if the sender is genuine or not.   If only the name is displayed then the email address should be shown when you tap on or near the name.

Two examples received recently in a personal email account were From: ( and From: HMRC Service Support (   It is very clear that the email addresses within the brackets are neither those of PayPal nor HMRC.   All government departments such as Land Registry, HMRC, Vehicle Tax, Companies House, local councils etc., are part of the domain and certainly not as above!

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Where Did Easter Eggs Originate? – Eg Pk News (Spring 2017)

Easter has a much older set of religious traditions than many of the Victorian Christmas traditions that we have come to know and love.   The custom of the Easter Egg as a gift can be traced to early Christians of Mesopotamia (now Iraq & Syria), and from there spread into Russia and Siberia through the Orthodox Churches, and later into Europe through the Catholic and Protestant Churches.   Eggs, in general, were a traditional Christian symbol of fertility and rebirth but they came to symbolise the empty tomb of Jesus after his resurrection, hence their connection with Easter.   The oldest tradition was to use dyed and painted chicken eggs (often red to symbolise the “blood of Christ”).   In the 17th and 18th centuries the idea of the egg-shaped toy emerged and these were given to children at Easter often filled with sweets.   Not surprisingly the chocolatiers began to exploit this tradition and the first chocolate egg in the UK is attributed to JS Fry of Bristol in 1873, shortly followed by John Cadbury who made a “Plush” Easter Egg in 1875 which cost 3 shillings and sixpence.

The origin of the Easter Bunny and Easter Egg Hunts are more difficult to establish but one theory we heard was that an egg hunt is a simple way of proving to your children that they can indeed find anything they look for if they really want to!   Let’s hope we all find what we are looking for this Easter whether it is a huge Easter Egg, a relaxing time with family, better health, new flowers and growth in our waterlogged gardens, warmer weather or a smooth Brexit!   One reassuring thing is that a holiday that starts with a “Good Friday” is probably going to be a great weekend – let’s hope so.

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