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Facts and FAQs Updated – Eg Pk News (Summer 2015)

We have updated the Facts and FAQs page on our website to include information taken directly from a House of Commons Library parliamentary briefing paper specifying owners’ responsibility in law regarding unadopted roads.   We have also given details how to view the full briefing paper.   Those residents who do not have internet access can ask any member of the committee for a paper copy of our update.


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New Facts and FAQs Web Page – Eg Pk News (Summer 2014)

We have recently added a new page to our website entitled Facts and FAQs (frequently asked questions).   At the top right of the Home page you will see three tabs – Home, About, Facts & FAQs.   We were receiving increasing numbers of emails from residents asking similar questions and hopefully this new page will reduce the number of individual queries whilst at the same time provide information for everyone.   This page is also particularly directed towards those who are unsure or unwilling to contribute to the association and hence to the road repairs.   The page gives information about the history of the association, the legal status of the unadopted road, who we are, why we exist, what we do and how we do it, what our terms of reference are, what happens to the money, what you should do if you are not paying fees, and what will happen if you do not pay.   We hope you will find this helpful.   For those without internet access a copy is available on request from committee members.

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Frequently Asked Questions FAQs – Eg Pk News (Spring 2014)

Q.   How do the committee spend the money that is contributed by residents?   Is money spent on other things in addition to road repairs?

 A.   We are confident all residents would want us to be spending as much of our income as possible on actual repairs to the road.   However, at the time the committee was re-formed in 2005 a property developer had applied for planning permission to remove the entrance pillars and to reopen the entrance at Byrne Avenue.   This would have led to a significant increase in through traffic and further wear and tear on the already damaged road surface.   Following legal advice and with the support of residents, the committee took ownership of the entrance pillars thus preventing their removal and opening the floodgates to traffic.   Those residents who pay towards the maintenance fund paid for this legal advice.   Had the developer’s proposal been successful the road would have been subjected to even greater damage in due course and would have had an immediate negative impact on the quality of life for all residents.   Our purchase of the pillars following this legal advice stopped that happening.

In addition, a proportion of residents’ contributions is needed to pay for insurance.   The entrance pillars need to be insured against damage and our insurance also covers us in the event of an accident involving the road.   Our insurers have informed us that residents who do not contribute towards the maintenance fund, and thus towards insurance, would be personally liable if an accident were to occur outside their home. Despite the above, the ongoing need to repair the road surface remains our top financial priority.

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Frequently Asked Questions FAQs – Eg Pk News (Christmas 2013)

We are introducing a new regular section to our newsletters entitled ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ or FAQs.   As committee members we are frequently asked questions about what is happening in the park and in particular about planning developments, derelict properties, how your money is spent and most frequently about the state of the road.   We thought it might be helpful and interesting if we included some of those questions and our replies.

Q.         Why is it that most of the potholes that are filled in are at the top end of the park?   Why are these repaired first while the Byrne Avenue end appears to be forgotten?   Is it because contractors have run out of tarmac?

A.         This is a common misconception.   When repairing the road with very limited resources we have had to prioritise which bits of the road to repair first.   It makes sense to start at the part of the road that has to take most traffic and work towards the part of the road that takes least traffic.   There is a simple logic therefore in starting at the Bebington Road entrance and working back towards Byrne Avenue because drivers, no matter where they live, have to exit the park via the Bebington Road entrance.   Ideally we would not have to make such decisions and could repair the whole road, but with limited resources the tarmac does “run out” because the money “runs out”.   Now that more people are paying we have been able to repair more of the road, focussing on the biggest potholes and those that have to bear the heaviest traffic.

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