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Missing Speed Sign – Eg Pk News (Christmas 2017)

On the morning of Sunday 22nd October there was a tragic road accident outside the entrance of Egerton Park.   Later that day, a committee member noticed that our speed sign and the post to which it was attached, and which used to stand by the left entrance pillar, was lying across the pavement.   With help from a passer-by, (the post itself was extremely heavy!) both post and attached speed sign were moved inside the entrance and propped against the wall for retrieval later.

Soon afterwards, however, both the sign and the post had disappeared.   It could have snapped off in the wind as the base of the post was badly rusted; it might have been damaged in the course of the accident, or vandalised and then stolen.   Whatever the reason, both sign and post have mysteriously gone missing.   Maybe a well-meaning resident has put it in their garden for safekeeping?   If that is the case, please contact us so that we can rescue the sign.

The council has been contacted to see if Streetscene has cleared it away and they are currently investigating.   This sign was paid for by residents so if at all possible we would like, at the very least, to get the sign back.   If you have any information about its whereabouts, please contact the committee.


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Bottom Roundabout – Eg Pk News (Summer 2016)

The safety at this roundabout was raised by a resident at the AGM because some vehicles go past it too quickly and in opposing directions with the possibility of a collision.   We are considering whether the placing of one way signs on the brick base would make it safer and we are in the process of getting estimates.

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Report from the Residents’ AGM – Eg Pk News (Summer 2015)

Once again your AGM took place at Royal Standard House on 9th June and hopefully those who managed to make it found it enjoyable and interesting.   We had some lively discussion, coupled with a glass of wine!   And some great suggestions were put forward by residents on how we can make the park a better place to live for everyone.   Here are some of the main concerns raised by residents which the committee will focus on in the next 12 months.


Residents were satisfied that the money we are raising via contributions was being put to good use and that road repairs should continue to be prioritised.   It was noted that £7,800 has been spent in the last 12 months on repairs, £3500 as recently as May.   All residents were happy that we continue to use the same contractor and particular mention was made of the large and skilful repair undertaken at the entrance to Egerton Park Close.   Everyone agreed that the committee should continue to commission repair work as and when funds allow.


At your 2014 AGM residents had expressed concern about speeding vehicles and that this, coupled with a lack of pavements, could become a risk to schoolchildren, and elderly and vulnerable people who live in the park.   The committee reported on a meeting with the council’s road safety manager who had recommended the replacement of the old damaged and illegible 10mph speed limit signs in the park.   Other options were ruled out as too impractical or expensive.   All present voted for new signs to be purchased to replace the old ones at an estimated cost of £500.


Residents were very concerned about the vacant plots of land and empty properties in the park, most of which are owned by one developer.   There were reports of criminal activity and a fire in one property but the main concern is that these properties blight the park environment.   The committee reported on recent correspondence with one developer stating his intention to submit planning applications to develop 4 sites in the park.   We will continue to monitor the planning website but also rely heavily on residents to keep us informed via our email address of any developments with regard to these properties.   In addition if you see any criminal activity or anti-social incidents these should be reported to the police in the hope that this will put some additional pressures on the owners to keep the sites tidy and secure.   We will also update you regularly with news via email and our newsletters.


All those present supported wholeheartedly the committee’s continued efforts to raise funds to pay for road repairs and asked them to continue to encourage everyone to contribute their share.   Invoices will be going out in September to all those residents who have yet to contribute to this financial year’s maintenance fund.


The meeting agreed on the revised constitution which is now on our website.

Residents also raised a number of concerns which we will be taking forward in the next 12 months including an increase in dog fouling, litter and general anti-social behaviour, the bottom roundabout which desperately needed clearing, and inconsiderate parking.

And finally a big thank you to the resident who has joined the committee.

A full copy of the AGM minutes can be found on the Egerton Park website or a hard copy can be made available from any member of the committee.

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Roundabouts and Gate Posts – Eg Pk News (Summer 2015)

One resident at the AGM drew our attention to the state of the bottom roundabout that was full of litter, overgrown with weeds, and ivy which was slowly stifling the tree.   This work has now been done and many thanks to Richard, a resident of the park, who did the work for us at a cost of £50.   The shrubs have been pruned, a considerable amount of litter removed and ivy cut at the base; this will eventually die back and will be removed.   We will try to keep the roundabout in this state, paying for it to be professionally maintained.   The top roundabout also needs some repair work, as does one of the entrance pillars so we hope to complete this work in the forthcoming months, thanks to two residents who will be giving their time and expertise free.

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Top Roundabout – Eg Pk News (Spring 2015)

The roundabout at the top entrance to the park had suffered some damage which we believe was caused by contractors’ vehicles working on the development at Silverdale (numbers 49/51 Egerton Park).   A member of your committee approached the site manager at Silverdale several times and asked that the workmen carry out what is a relatively minor repair to the roundabout, suggesting that this would be seen as a gesture of goodwill, also bearing in mind the inconvenience and disruption caused to residents whilst the work has been ongoing.   When this had not produced a response your committee decided to make this request more formally in a letter to the developer of the site.   We do not feel residents should have to pay for this damage which needed to be completed before the brickwork became dangerous.   We are still waiting.

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AGM 13th June 2012 – Chair’s Report

At last year’s AGM the following priorities were set by residents:

1.    Ongoing pothole repairs
2.    Complete the Byrne Avenue traffic island
3.    Continued surveillance of planning applications
4.    Continued engagement with residents and more email communication
5.    Fundraising events and “Your Wirral” fund application.

1.    Ongoing pothole repairs      As always the state of the road has dominated the meetings of the committee and no doubt the concerns of residents.   Finding a reliable tarmac company has always been difficult and experiments that we have conducted with concrete and quick-drying, hard-setting cement have not, on balance, been successful.   Nonetheless the greatest difficulty we have had in relation to road repairs is the lack of adequate funds provided for this purpose by residents themselves.   Not only is £5.00 per month woefully inadequate but the number of households who contribute nothing means that, longer term, we will not be able to sustain regular road repairs.   This is the most difficult issue facing the association and needs to be resolved.

2.    The Byrne Avenue traffic island was completed in 2011 and the railings and planting of evergreen shrubs should leave it relatively maintenance free.

3.    Surveillance of planning applications is something that the committee undertakes at least twice per week.   Probably due to the recession there are, at present, very few planning applications.   However, the committee met with a planning officer from Wirral Council during the year who informed us that the vast majority of proposed applications which involve larger developments will be refused because it is felt by the council that the Bebington Road entrance is at traffic saturation point.   As a result the council highways department will oppose all new planning applications which have the potential to increase the number of car journeys in and out of the park.   Contrary to popular belief, the committee has not opposed any planning applications at all in the last year.   Properties that have become derelict have become so either because their owners have submitted no planning applications or because they have been advised by their architects or the council that it is futile to apply.   The committee has always been in favour of limited development of run down or derelict sites but does not support the replacement of Victorian properties with large blocks of flats.   Smaller developments of residential dwellings, which our road and our community can sustain, are certainly welcome.

4.    Continued engagement with residents has continued and we have been more consistent in the production of a quarterly newsletter and placing news and information on our website as well as sending out group mails and receiving emails.

5.    Fundraising and “Your Wirral” fund application      Following consultation with residents, a potential application to fund street lighting in Delyn Close was pursued.    The committee met with the council’s lighting section and subsequently held a meeting to which all residents of Delyn Close were invited.    Sadly there was too little interest shown in this project and it has therefore not proceeded.    Instead the committee is about to submit an application to the “Your Wirral” fund for the maximum grant of £2,500 towards road repairs.    We will get a decision in August 2012 and will let you know via the newsletters.

As ever I owe an enormous thank you to the committee members and to those residents who pay into the association’s funds and who, through their kind words of support, make our often unseen efforts feel more worthwhile.

Please make an effort to attend the AGM and give us your views.

With Kind Regards, Chair, Egerton Park Residents’ Association

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Byrne Avenue Roundabout – Eg Pk News (Autumn 2011)

At last, work on our second traffic island is complete.   We have received positive comments that both the appearance and safety of the roundabout have been greatly improved by this work.   Hopefully the addition of prickly shrubs will deter youths from congregating there too.   Many thanks again to all those residents whose regular contributions have made this refurbishment possible and also to the particular resident who has looked after the plants for us.

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