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Report from the Residents’ AGM – Eg Pk News (Summer 2015)

Once again your AGM took place at Royal Standard House on 9th June and hopefully those who managed to make it found it enjoyable and interesting.   We had some lively discussion, coupled with a glass of wine!   And some great suggestions were put forward by residents on how we can make the park a better place to live for everyone.   Here are some of the main concerns raised by residents which the committee will focus on in the next 12 months.


Residents were satisfied that the money we are raising via contributions was being put to good use and that road repairs should continue to be prioritised.   It was noted that £7,800 has been spent in the last 12 months on repairs, £3500 as recently as May.   All residents were happy that we continue to use the same contractor and particular mention was made of the large and skilful repair undertaken at the entrance to Egerton Park Close.   Everyone agreed that the committee should continue to commission repair work as and when funds allow.


At your 2014 AGM residents had expressed concern about speeding vehicles and that this, coupled with a lack of pavements, could become a risk to schoolchildren, and elderly and vulnerable people who live in the park.   The committee reported on a meeting with the council’s road safety manager who had recommended the replacement of the old damaged and illegible 10mph speed limit signs in the park.   Other options were ruled out as too impractical or expensive.   All present voted for new signs to be purchased to replace the old ones at an estimated cost of £500.


Residents were very concerned about the vacant plots of land and empty properties in the park, most of which are owned by one developer.   There were reports of criminal activity and a fire in one property but the main concern is that these properties blight the park environment.   The committee reported on recent correspondence with one developer stating his intention to submit planning applications to develop 4 sites in the park.   We will continue to monitor the planning website but also rely heavily on residents to keep us informed via our email address of any developments with regard to these properties.   In addition if you see any criminal activity or anti-social incidents these should be reported to the police in the hope that this will put some additional pressures on the owners to keep the sites tidy and secure.   We will also update you regularly with news via email and our newsletters.


All those present supported wholeheartedly the committee’s continued efforts to raise funds to pay for road repairs and asked them to continue to encourage everyone to contribute their share.   Invoices will be going out in September to all those residents who have yet to contribute to this financial year’s maintenance fund.


The meeting agreed on the revised constitution which is now on our website.

Residents also raised a number of concerns which we will be taking forward in the next 12 months including an increase in dog fouling, litter and general anti-social behaviour, the bottom roundabout which desperately needed clearing, and inconsiderate parking.

And finally a big thank you to the resident who has joined the committee.

A full copy of the AGM minutes can be found on the Egerton Park website or a hard copy can be made available from any member of the committee.


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Anti-Social Behaviour – Eg Pk News (Summer 2015)

At our recent AGM, residents raised a number of concerns about anti-social behaviour in the park.   Residents also contact us throughout the year about a range of nuisance behaviour including petty crime and damage, litter, dog fouling, drivers using mobile phones while driving, parking and speeding vehicle issues; although the road is unadopted it is still a public highway and the highway laws still apply.   You will be aware that, as a committee, we have limited time available; we are all volunteers and there are over 200 households in the park!   Our main priority therefore has to be fundraising and repairing the road.   If you witness any of the above anti-social behaviour we suggest that you contact the relevant departments of the council or the police yourselves rather than your hard-pressed committee.   This will probably produce a prompter and more effective response.

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Minutes of AGM – 9th June 2015

Egerton Park Residents’ Association

Minutes of Annual General Meeting 

held at Royal Standard House, Rock Ferry

on Tuesday 9th June 2015


Attendance:               16 residents plus 4 committee members.

Apologies:                 Apologies for absence were received from 8 residents.

  1. Introduction and Welcome

The Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting and then all those present introduced themselves by talking about their period of residence in the park.   Before the meeting began, the Secretary distributed comment slips for residents to complete before leaving, if any items they wanted to raise had not been included on the agenda.   The Chair suggested that the meeting take a more ‘open forum’ format to encourage discussion using agenda items listed as a guide.

  1. Road Repairs and Associated Matters

A total of £7,800 has been spent on repairs in last 12 months, £3,500 of that in May of this year.   The committee is currently satisfied with the quality of work which appears to be standing the test of time.   In addition our contractor has held the price of tarmac at £30 per square metre.   It is the committee’s intention to commission more repairs in the autumn focusing, as always, on the worst patches.   One resident commented on the excellent workmanship completing repairs at the entrance to Egerton Park Close.   Comment was also made that the road sweeper appears to go round the park less frequently and this could be as a result of council cuts.

ACTION:        Those present agreed that we should continue to use the same contractors and complete repairs as and when finances permit.

ACTION:        Could the committee consider a litter picking day?

ACTION:        Some evidence of an increase in dog fouling.   Should we re-launch anti-dog-fouling campaign?

  1. Speed Signs

Residents expressed concern about speeding vehicles clearly exceeding the 10mph speed limit.   This also includes delivery vehicles servicing residential homes, often in the early hours of the morning.   One of the unforeseen consequences of a better road surface could be that vehicles go faster.

ACTION:        All agreed that the speed bumps should remain and that if residents note a particular vehicle consistently driving too fast they should note the registration number and contact the committee who will seek out police advice regarding the most appropriate action.

The Secretary discussed her recent meeting with  David Rees, Road Safety Manager, Traffic and Transportation, Regeneration and Environment Directorate, Wirral Borough Council, who had advised that the most cost-effective and practical traffic calming measure would be the replacement of old 10 mph speed limit signs.   Existing signs are either damaged or illegible.   This could be achieved at a cost of £400-£500.   A bid to the ‘Your Wirral Fund’ had been unsuccessful but there might be another opportunity to bid again for a grant towards this work as it enhances public safety.   After considerable debate those present agreed that replacing the signs should be a priority for the committee in the next year in light of the perceived increase in speeding vehicles, the number of vulnerable residents in the park, and occupier’s liability in the event of an accident.

  1. Revised Constitution

Hard copies of the constitution were distributed to residents on arrival at the meeting.   Clarification requested regarding section of constitution which refers to maintenance payments.   Who should pay in multi-occupied properties – tenants, flat owners, landlords or overall owners?   The Chair informed the meeting that this is a grey area and that currently a number of individuals contribute ranging from tenants to owners.

Draft accepted by the meeting.   The revised constitution is on our website.

  1. Planning and Development

Derelict properties continue to blight the park environment.   In recent years the committee have had discussions with local councillors and the regeneration department of the council but little has changed.   The Chair made reference to recent correspondence from Russell Canner who owns 77, the empty site at 46-48 and has recently purchased the adjoining property, Englewood (previously a residential home).   In this correspondence Mr Canner said that he intends submitting planning applications to develop all these sites/properties in the next 6 months.   Until this happens all we can do is remain vigilant and continue to monitor the planning website.   In the event of a planning application being submitted the committee might need to call a special general meeting to seek resident’s views.   In the meantime the committee undertook to keep residents informed via email and the newsletter.

  1. Fundraising

The committee will continue in their efforts to encourage ‘non-payers’ to contribute.   Consideration is being given to targeted letters to non-payers when a repair has been completed outside their home.   Egerton Park bags are still available for sale.   There has been a steady increase in the proportion of residents paying but we cannot afford to be complacent.

Annual treasurer’s report noted.

  1. Committee Membership

As ever the committee would welcome anyone interested in joining.   The work is not onerous and also enjoyable.   At the meeting a resident was nominated and seconded to join committee.


i) Gates and roundabout require refurbishment – to be completed in forthcoming months.

ii) History snippets in newsletter much appreciated by those living in the park and other interested parties.   Could we do a pamphlet about the parks history?   Those present agreed it was a good idea but members of the existing committee are not in a position to take this on.

Once again the committee was thanked for all its hard work over the past 12 months.

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Minutes of AGM – 4th May 2011

Egerton Park Residents’ Association

Minutes of Annual General Meeting     4th May 2011

Attendance: 20 residents plus committee members

Apologies: 1 resident

1. Welcome and Introduction – Chair

2. Chair’s report – The chair’s written report was circulated at the meeting.   The report highlighted the priorities agreed at last year’s AGM and progress made against each item.

3. Matters arising from report

i)            Planning Future of Egerton Park.   Residents’ views were sought about the future of the park in the light of the recent closure of 3 residential homes and the likelihood that they will become derelict due to planning stalemate (i.e. any proposals to develop these properties into flats are likely to be refused on the basis of the narrow junction at Bebington Rd entrance, the  planners’ view the entrance has reached maximum traffic capacity and the committee’s ownership of the pillars).   Concerns were expressed about the property at 46-48 which is not secure, is an eyesore, and youths are using it as a through route.   Concerns were also expressed that vacant properties will invite crime and lead to a gradual deterioration in the park environment.   The committee confirmed that work on 108 had been abandoned but those present felt that the empty property there was not causing particular problems.   Another resident informed the meeting about concerns at number 12 which had been targeted by police following reports of drug related activity.   Some arrests have now taken place and the property is now multi occupied and causing  no further problems.   It was suggested by one resident that the committee should explore with planners the possibility of supporting proposals for lower density/apartment style accommodation and that the committee should pursue a meeting with a representative from the Council Regeneration department.

ii)               Road Repairs.   Those present appeared to be happy for the committee to continue programme of road surface repairs, funds permitting.

iii)               ‘Your Wirral Fund’.   A list of the criteria for bids for the fund was circulated to those present.   Up to £2500 could be available.   The issue of lack of lighting in Delyn Close was raised as council have refused to install lighting.   This would help to ‘create safe environment’ and ‘reduce fear of crime’.   Committee had already discussed bid to fund professional printing of newsletter.   Committee to pursue.

4. Treasurer’s Report

The treasurer circulated a written report.   Our account currently stands at £5782.88 but £1714 of this is already committed to bottom island railings.   Those present expressed disappointment about the consistently low numbers of residents who contribute but that existing monies should be spent on pothole repairs.   A suggestion was made that we should again include list of homes that contribute in next newsletter despite previous lack of response.

5. Priorities for 2011/2012

These were agreed as proposed in chair’s report as follows:

  • ongoing pothole repairs
  • complete Byrne Ave traffic island
  • continued monitoring of planning applications and dialogue with Regeneration Dept
  • engagement with residents including email contacts
  • arrange meeting with Sean Brady to discuss highways issues
  • fundraising including ‘Your Wirral Fund’ bid
  • any other concerns raised by residents

6. Nomination and election of committee members

The committee would welcome any new members.   If interested please contact us.

7. Any Other Business

 i)                  Cold Calling.   There have been two incidents of ‘cold-callers’ reported to the committee.   We have sought advice from Trading Standards who have identified a loophole in that rogue traders have been calling if no sticker is displayed on the property despite our ‘No Cold Calling’ signs at both entrances.   Any further incidents please contact the committee and we will review the situation and look at redistributing new stickers to all households.

ii)                 Email addresses.   If residents would like to give us their email addresses then this will be another way of communicating information quickly.   Residents can still expect to receive their 3-monthly newsletters.

iii)               Murder Mystery.   There appeared to be little interest from those present for this idea.

iv)               Tea towels and bags.   These are still available at £3 each.

v)                 Dog fouling.   It was noted that this problem appears to have improved and dog wardens have been patrolling the park.

vi)               Vehicles.   Concerns expressed about speed of some vehicles and also the continued problem of cars parking on roadway and abandoned cars that restrict residents’ access.   Would the committee look at speed enforcement, traffic calming, traffic systems with Sean Brady when he visits.

vii)             Sandbox.   This proved invaluable during the severe winter weather.

viii)           Tree pruning.   Committee confirmed that advice must be sought from Tree Preservation Officer before carrying out work on trees in the park covered by Tree Preservation Order.

The committee was thanked for their work over the past 12 months.

The meeting closed at 8.35pm.

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Dog Fouling in Egerton Park – Eg Pk News (Christmas 2010)

Following concerns expressed at our AGM about dog fouling in Egerton Park, two of your committee members met with Mike Collins from Wirral Community Patrol.   Mike manages a newly created team of dog fouling enforcement officers.   Mike walked round the park and agreed that we do have a problem and told us that dog fouling is the most frequent complaint received by local MPs and councillors!   He confirmed that his team of enforcement officers would now be patrolling Egerton Park but that they are also dependant on local residents to report offenders.   One of the most important roles of the dog fouling enforcement team is to raise public awareness and encourage dog owners to ‘bag it and bin it’.

He was also keen that we get across the message to all residents that ‘any bin will do’ and that dog mess is classified as litter and can be placed in green wheelie bins or other council litterbins.

Mike is happy to offer support to our efforts and brought with him a supply of:

1.   posters – ‘There’s no such thing as the Dog Poo fairy’.   These form part of a national Keep Britain Tidy campaign launched in September.   We are going to laminate some of these posters and display them temporarily where we have identified particular problems in the park.

2.   small (A5) plastic covered notices – ‘Don’t give a dog a bad name…Bag it. Bin it’.   We have a small supply of these notices and can obtain more.   If you would like a notice for your front gate, fence etc. then let us know.

3.   bags – ‘Don’t give a dog a bad name’.   We are distributing bags with this newsletter.   If you do not own a dog do please pass them on to someone who does and help spread the message.

And finally we would like to emphasize the advice given in our last newsletter.   If you wish to report a dog owner who has not cleared up after their dog, or witness an owner allowing their dog to foul, you should:

  • keep a record of the time and date and where it happened
  • note the description of the dog and identity of owner and car registration if appropriate and then
  • phone the Animal Control Office on 0151 647 8799

Wirral Community Patrol or the dog wardens will then investigate the matter.

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Dog Fouling in Egerton Park – Eg Pk News (Autumn 2010)

Many of you will be concerned about the increasing problem of dog fouling in the park and this matter was raised at our recent AGM.   Not only are some irresponsible dog-owners allowing their dogs to foul the road and gardens, but they are also placing the mess in plastic bags and then discarding the plastic bags at the roadside.   There is no excuse for this, particularly as we now have litterbins situated at the entrances to the park! 

All of the Wirral Council area is designated under the Dogs (Fouling of Land) Act 1996.   What this means is that any dog owner who fails to clear up after their dog can be issued with a Fixed Penalty Notice of £50 or prosecuted and fined up to £1000.   Ignorance is not an excuse.   Clearly dog fouling is seen as a high priority by Wirral Borough Council, hence their recent recruitment of six dog fouling enforcement officers. 

What can residents do about this? 

The council website advises dog owners to carry with them, at all times, the means to clear up after their dog.   Contrary to what many believe, rainwater does not wash the problem away.   Dog waste is classified in law as litter for street cleaning purposes so these wrapped droppings can be placed in your wheelie bin or a litterbin.

If you wish to report a dog owner who has not cleared up after their dog, or witness an owner allowing their dog to foul, you should:

  • keep a record of the time and date and where it happened
  • note the description of the dog and identity of owner and car registration if appropriate
  • phone the Animal Control Office on 0151 647 8799

A dog warden will then investigate the matter.

In addition, following a recent meeting of your committee a decision has been made to approach the Wirral Dog Fouling Enforcement Officers and ask them to visit the park to give us some specific advice on how the problem could be tackled here.

Dog mess not only looks and smells unpleasant but also can cause ‘Toxocara Canis’ which can result in blindness in young children.   The disease can also be caused by handling soil, which has come into contact with the dog mess, or from the wheels of buggies and wheelchairs.   In addition it can have an impact on the natural plants in the environment and put a strain on neighbour relations!

As residents of the park, we all share a responsibility for tackling this problem so that we can keep Egerton Park a pleasant place to live and somewhere children can play safely.

Much of the above information is taken from the Wirral Borough Council website   To access the relevant web page follow the links via Community and Living>Animal Welfare>Animal fouling or use the following link

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AGM – Eg Pk News (Summer 2010)

As you know we recently had our AGM on 2nd June.   The following is a summary of the issues raised by the residents who attended and the actions that were agreed.

  • Byrne Avenue Traffic island – Committee to seek the views of residents regarding its future (see attached information with tear-off slip for you to forward your comments).
  • Dog fouling – This continues to be a problem; some dog owners have been leaving plastic bags containing dog mess at the roadside as opposed to taking it home with them!   Committee to contact Wirral Dog Wardens, on residents’ behalf, seeking advice on what action we can take.
  • Sandbox/rock salt – Committee to investigate the cost of installing sandboxes in the park to grit the road in icy weather.
  • Residential Home Owners – To write personal letters to all those residential home owners who do not contribute, highlighting the recent road repairs and requesting a regular financial contribution.
  • Hedge pruning – Committee to contact Wirral Partnership Homes requesting that they prune hedges at both entrances, taking particular note of young saplings (rowan, sycamore, chestnut etc) that have the potential to damage the road surface.
  • Tax – To seek advice as to how we can reduce our tax bill, possibly by becoming a Community Interest Company.

A full copy of the AGM minutes is available from the committee secretary and is on the new Egerton Park website.

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