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AGM, A Date for Your Diary – Eg Pk News (Spring 2016)

We have now agreed on a date for our 2016 AGM.   The meeting will take place at Royal Standard House, Rock Ferry on Wednesday 8th June, 7pm – 8.30pm.   As usual refreshments including hot drinks, cheese and wine will be available.   We hope you will attend, meet your neighbours, and have your say about issues in the park that concern you.   We will be sending out a reminder with agenda, chair and treasurer reports nearer the date of the meeting.


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Report from the Residents’ AGM – Eg Pk News (Summer 2015)

Once again your AGM took place at Royal Standard House on 9th June and hopefully those who managed to make it found it enjoyable and interesting.   We had some lively discussion, coupled with a glass of wine!   And some great suggestions were put forward by residents on how we can make the park a better place to live for everyone.   Here are some of the main concerns raised by residents which the committee will focus on in the next 12 months.


Residents were satisfied that the money we are raising via contributions was being put to good use and that road repairs should continue to be prioritised.   It was noted that £7,800 has been spent in the last 12 months on repairs, £3500 as recently as May.   All residents were happy that we continue to use the same contractor and particular mention was made of the large and skilful repair undertaken at the entrance to Egerton Park Close.   Everyone agreed that the committee should continue to commission repair work as and when funds allow.


At your 2014 AGM residents had expressed concern about speeding vehicles and that this, coupled with a lack of pavements, could become a risk to schoolchildren, and elderly and vulnerable people who live in the park.   The committee reported on a meeting with the council’s road safety manager who had recommended the replacement of the old damaged and illegible 10mph speed limit signs in the park.   Other options were ruled out as too impractical or expensive.   All present voted for new signs to be purchased to replace the old ones at an estimated cost of £500.


Residents were very concerned about the vacant plots of land and empty properties in the park, most of which are owned by one developer.   There were reports of criminal activity and a fire in one property but the main concern is that these properties blight the park environment.   The committee reported on recent correspondence with one developer stating his intention to submit planning applications to develop 4 sites in the park.   We will continue to monitor the planning website but also rely heavily on residents to keep us informed via our email address of any developments with regard to these properties.   In addition if you see any criminal activity or anti-social incidents these should be reported to the police in the hope that this will put some additional pressures on the owners to keep the sites tidy and secure.   We will also update you regularly with news via email and our newsletters.


All those present supported wholeheartedly the committee’s continued efforts to raise funds to pay for road repairs and asked them to continue to encourage everyone to contribute their share.   Invoices will be going out in September to all those residents who have yet to contribute to this financial year’s maintenance fund.


The meeting agreed on the revised constitution which is now on our website.

Residents also raised a number of concerns which we will be taking forward in the next 12 months including an increase in dog fouling, litter and general anti-social behaviour, the bottom roundabout which desperately needed clearing, and inconsiderate parking.

And finally a big thank you to the resident who has joined the committee.

A full copy of the AGM minutes can be found on the Egerton Park website or a hard copy can be made available from any member of the committee.

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Minutes of AGM – 9th June 2015

Egerton Park Residents’ Association

Minutes of Annual General Meeting 

held at Royal Standard House, Rock Ferry

on Tuesday 9th June 2015


Attendance:               16 residents plus 4 committee members.

Apologies:                 Apologies for absence were received from 8 residents.

  1. Introduction and Welcome

The Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting and then all those present introduced themselves by talking about their period of residence in the park.   Before the meeting began, the Secretary distributed comment slips for residents to complete before leaving, if any items they wanted to raise had not been included on the agenda.   The Chair suggested that the meeting take a more ‘open forum’ format to encourage discussion using agenda items listed as a guide.

  1. Road Repairs and Associated Matters

A total of £7,800 has been spent on repairs in last 12 months, £3,500 of that in May of this year.   The committee is currently satisfied with the quality of work which appears to be standing the test of time.   In addition our contractor has held the price of tarmac at £30 per square metre.   It is the committee’s intention to commission more repairs in the autumn focusing, as always, on the worst patches.   One resident commented on the excellent workmanship completing repairs at the entrance to Egerton Park Close.   Comment was also made that the road sweeper appears to go round the park less frequently and this could be as a result of council cuts.

ACTION:        Those present agreed that we should continue to use the same contractors and complete repairs as and when finances permit.

ACTION:        Could the committee consider a litter picking day?

ACTION:        Some evidence of an increase in dog fouling.   Should we re-launch anti-dog-fouling campaign?

  1. Speed Signs

Residents expressed concern about speeding vehicles clearly exceeding the 10mph speed limit.   This also includes delivery vehicles servicing residential homes, often in the early hours of the morning.   One of the unforeseen consequences of a better road surface could be that vehicles go faster.

ACTION:        All agreed that the speed bumps should remain and that if residents note a particular vehicle consistently driving too fast they should note the registration number and contact the committee who will seek out police advice regarding the most appropriate action.

The Secretary discussed her recent meeting with  David Rees, Road Safety Manager, Traffic and Transportation, Regeneration and Environment Directorate, Wirral Borough Council, who had advised that the most cost-effective and practical traffic calming measure would be the replacement of old 10 mph speed limit signs.   Existing signs are either damaged or illegible.   This could be achieved at a cost of £400-£500.   A bid to the ‘Your Wirral Fund’ had been unsuccessful but there might be another opportunity to bid again for a grant towards this work as it enhances public safety.   After considerable debate those present agreed that replacing the signs should be a priority for the committee in the next year in light of the perceived increase in speeding vehicles, the number of vulnerable residents in the park, and occupier’s liability in the event of an accident.

  1. Revised Constitution

Hard copies of the constitution were distributed to residents on arrival at the meeting.   Clarification requested regarding section of constitution which refers to maintenance payments.   Who should pay in multi-occupied properties – tenants, flat owners, landlords or overall owners?   The Chair informed the meeting that this is a grey area and that currently a number of individuals contribute ranging from tenants to owners.

Draft accepted by the meeting.   The revised constitution is on our website.

  1. Planning and Development

Derelict properties continue to blight the park environment.   In recent years the committee have had discussions with local councillors and the regeneration department of the council but little has changed.   The Chair made reference to recent correspondence from Russell Canner who owns 77, the empty site at 46-48 and has recently purchased the adjoining property, Englewood (previously a residential home).   In this correspondence Mr Canner said that he intends submitting planning applications to develop all these sites/properties in the next 6 months.   Until this happens all we can do is remain vigilant and continue to monitor the planning website.   In the event of a planning application being submitted the committee might need to call a special general meeting to seek resident’s views.   In the meantime the committee undertook to keep residents informed via email and the newsletter.

  1. Fundraising

The committee will continue in their efforts to encourage ‘non-payers’ to contribute.   Consideration is being given to targeted letters to non-payers when a repair has been completed outside their home.   Egerton Park bags are still available for sale.   There has been a steady increase in the proportion of residents paying but we cannot afford to be complacent.

Annual treasurer’s report noted.

  1. Committee Membership

As ever the committee would welcome anyone interested in joining.   The work is not onerous and also enjoyable.   At the meeting a resident was nominated and seconded to join committee.


i) Gates and roundabout require refurbishment – to be completed in forthcoming months.

ii) History snippets in newsletter much appreciated by those living in the park and other interested parties.   Could we do a pamphlet about the parks history?   Those present agreed it was a good idea but members of the existing committee are not in a position to take this on.

Once again the committee was thanked for all its hard work over the past 12 months.

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AGM 9th June 2015 – Chair’s Report


AGM   June 2015 –   Report of Committee Chair

At last year’s Annual General Meeting you, as residents, set the following priorities for 2014/15 

  • Continue to pursue households that do not pay towards the residents’ association funds
  • Continue with road repair/resurfacing issues
  • Ongoing vigilance and surveillance of planning applications
  • Reporting of anti-social behaviour and other nuisance issues
  • Keep residents informed via quarterly newsletters and occasional emails 

The Residents’ Association Funds

We have (again) carried out a regular and consistent campaign throughout 2014/15 to encourage those households that do not pay towards the work of the residents’ association that they should do so.   Every non-paying household has received invoices and reminder letters and we have responded to a range of individual queries and complaints from those who do not wish to pay.   We have continued to develop an effective database of all households’ contribution history and can tell at a glance who has paid, who is in arrears and have a complete history of contributions back to 2005.   The percentage of households paying their fees has gradually increased and the majority now pay but there is still more work to do.   We propose that this remains a priority for 2015/16. 

Road Repairs/Resurfacing Issues

Once again we have carried out a significant number of road repairs to both the north and south drives in the park.   Most recently we spent £3,500 on repairs in May 2015.   Large sections of road repair have been undertaken but mainly we have focussed on lots of small irritating potholes that cluster and eventually form much larger holes.   We have retained the same, very reliable tarmac company who have never let us down, have never put up their prices in 4 years and whose work is standing the test of time.   None of the work they have undertaken has broken up at any point in the park so we will continue to use them.   The top traffic island has been damaged, probably by the builder’s vehicles visiting the former Silverdale site, and we will look to repairing this during the summer.   We are also mindful that the entrance pillars need a makeover and as soon as funds and time allow we will address this. 

Ongoing Vigilance and Surveillance of Planning Applications

The committee has continued to monitor any and all planning applications throughout the year although they have been few and far between.   The recession, deflated housing market and depressed construction industry appear to have led to a much calmer planning climate although this is starting to change.   We are aware that the derelict sites remain a source of distress to residents and, now that the market is beginning to lift we may see some movement in a positive direction.   Much of this is, of course, outside of the committee’s influence.   The former “Silverdale” Nursing Home has recently been converted into 13 one bed-roomed flats and we will need to monitor the impact that this has on increased traffic and infrastructure of the park in due course.   The building itself, however, looks much better and at least it has not become derelict. 

Reporting of Anti-social Behaviour and Other Nuisance Issues

The committee remains vigilant about these issues and maintains regular contact with police community support officers and local councillors but there appears to have been a decrease in the amount of anti-social incidents this year.   We are aware of ongoing concerns about number 77, occasional squatters and vandals and the general decline of what was clearly once a beautiful Victorian villa.   We have had a few requests to do something about this but, of course it is outside our control.   We were asked by a non-resident of Egerton Park to apply to have the building listed by English Heritage.   The view of the committee was that this could make the building even less viable to renovate and that it may therefore remain derelict for decades rather than years.   We did not feel that was in the best interests of the park.   We ask all residents to remain vigilant and to report any matters of concern to the relevant authorities as and when they arise, including Wirral Council’s “Street Scene” department, your local councillors and the police.   The committee is happy to be kept informed of any issues but we have no special influence and rely on residents themselves to take appropriate action when a concern arises.

Keep residents informed via quarterly newsletters and occasional emails

The committee has continued to produce quarterly newsletters and our website continues to be a success and has numerous “hits” throughout the year.   In addition to hand delivering the newsletters we have posted onto the site information about a whole host of issues as well as uploading our newsletters, articles and pictures about E. Park history.   This seems to be very popular and we will continue to do this.   Numerous residents have used the site to contact us via email to raise our awareness on everything from local crime concerns to nuisance issues and to ask general questions or make suggestions to the committee.   If we do not currently have your email address please send it to us with a note of what number you live at to:

The Committee’s Planned Priorities for 2015/16   (subject to residents’ agreement) 

We propose that these remain identical to the previous year’s priorities as follows: 

  • Continue to pursue households that do not pay towards the residents’ association funds
  • Continue with road repair/resurfacing issues
  • Ongoing vigilance and surveillance of planning applications
  • Reporting of anti-social behaviour and other nuisance issues
  • Keep residents informed via quarterly newsletters and occasional emails 

In June last year we were sorry to hear the news of the death of Alan Jones, one of the founder members of your committee, after a long battle against cancer.   We all miss his contribution and commitment to the interests of Egerton Park residents. 

Can I say another big Thank you to all residents and especially to all committee members, who have continued to meet on a regular basis throughout the year, for your continued support and hard work.   We would welcome new committee members to be nominated at the AGM and we currently hold meetings about 6 times per year.   If you are interested please let us know.   Remember that, “Together We Can Make a Difference”.

Chair, Egerton Park Residents’ Association       –   June 2015

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Updated Constitution – AGM Tuesday 09/06/15

The constitution was listed on the AGM agenda that was delivered to households on Sunday 31st May 2015.  

At the top of this page you will see four tabs, one of which is labelled Constitution.   The full updated constitution is available to read there.

Any alteration to the rules must be proposed and seconded by way of a resolution at an Annual General Meeting and agreed by a majority of the members present.

An item about the constitution was also included in our spring newsletter that was delivered to all households on Sunday 5th April and which was added to this website on the 15th April.

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Constitution – Eg Pk News (Spring 2015)

In recent months we have received a number of queries from landlords of properties in the park asking for extra information about your residents’ association, including requests for copies of our constitution.    We do have a constitution but it is now out of date and needs to be amended, simplified and rewritten in plain English!   A number of sections are not accurate e.g. it states that there should be a minimum of 7 members on the committee – we are only 5 and have not been 7 for some time.  We always need new members for the committee and would of course be delighted if any resident is willing to join us.  We would also want to insert a section making clear that residents have agreed that everyone living in the park or owning property in it should be asked to pay a minimum contribution of £1.15 a week towards the maintenance fund.   Although the constitution may seem a rather dry subject any proposed changes must be agreed by residents at our AGM.

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AGM … A Date for Your Diary – Eg Pk News (Spring 2015)

We have now agreed on a date for our 2015 AGM.   The meeting will take place at Royal Standard House on Tuesday 9th June, 7pm – 8.30pm.   As usual refreshments including hot drinks, cheese and wine will be available.   We hope you will attend, meet your neighbours and have your say about issues in the park that are of concern.   We will be sending out a reminder with agenda, chair’s and treasurer’s reports nearer the date of the meeting.

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