Egerton Park has had a residents’ association since at least 1913 but probably since the late 1800s when the park was first laid out.   In the early days it was known as the “Egerton Park Property Owners Association” and dealt with such things as road upkeep; opening and closing gates at either end of the park; collecting tolls for cars, pedestrians, coaches, horses and bikes to travel on the park’s private road and collecting monthly subscriptions from residents.

For a variety of reasons around 1994 the committee stopped meeting and stopped collecting contributions from residents towards the road’s upkeep.   A degree of apathy set in and sadly this led to the park’s amenities becoming neglected.   The potholes in the road were not repaired, the entrance pillars and traffic islands crumbled and the park took a very visible down turn.   It looked like a place that no one cared about.

In 2005 a group of concerned residents (we all live in Egerton Park) resurrected the association and modernised its activities by creating a limited company called “Egerton Park Residents Ltd.”   A new committee was elected at an extra-ordinary meeting for a term of three years each.   The committee also elected company directors and through our solicitors we formally acquired proper ownership of the entrance pillars at both entrances to the park.   This was a legal move to prevent unscrupulous property developers removing the pillars and widening the entrance to create an estate which could have become a builder’s “free for all”.   There are currently five members on the committee, three of whom are directors of the company but we can have up to nine members on the committee under our constitution and would welcome new residents at any time.

Since 2005 the association has successfully resisted many large-scale demolitions and building applications which would have created large blocks of modern flats where currently Victorian houses stand.   However, this is not due to an old-fashioned outlook because positive change is welcomed.   Our opposition has always been based on concerns about traffic, noise, damage to a fragile road surface and other quality of life issues.

In addition, using residents’ contributions to the maintenance fund, the association has repaired or rebuilt the entrance pillars, rebuilt the traffic islands, renovated and painted, cleared drains and undertaken a constant round of pothole repairs to the road.   We have engaged with local councillors and our MP on issues as diverse as crime, the road lighting system and litter bins.   We have successfully become the first “No cold-calling zone” on the Wirral to deter rogue traders and our voice has been represented at “Residents Together” partnership meetings and in other ways.

In brief Egerton Park is now an area that is clearly cared about.   Every year in May or June we hold an annual general meeting to which all residents are invited.   In addition, as well as the AGM chair’s report and treasurer’s report, we send out three newsletters per year to every household, regardless of whether they have contributed.   The committee is constantly on the lookout for any developments or issues which could positively or adversely affect Egerton Park and those of us who live here.


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