CCTV – Eg Pk News (Spring 2017)

Those of you who have lived in the park for some time will know that from time to time, like anywhere else, we suffer from spates of fly tipping, graffiti, and criminal damage.   Fortunately, most of the crime experienced by residents is relatively low level and a nuisance.   To the victim, however, (examples include thefts from vehicles and sheds) any anti-social behaviour is a serious matter.   This has led your committee to discuss the feasibility of erecting CCTV cameras at either one or both entrances to the park, in the hope that this would deter offenders.   There would obviously be a cost to this and some residents may feel this is a step too far.   As the installation of CCTV would enhance community safety and reduce fear of crime we would also look at whether we could apply for a grant towards this proposal.

The committee has decided that as this is an important issue and residents may have strong views either way, we would want to consult with you all before taking this forward.   A proposal to erect CCTV camera(s) will be an agenda item at our AGM in June of this year (see AGM details below) so come and have your say.   There may be residents who have some expertise in security/CCTV who can assist us?   If you have a view, please contact us.


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