Residents’ Association AGM Report – Eg Pk News (Summer 2016)

Our AGM took place on Wednesday 8th June.   Although numbers attending were small we hope that those who did make the effort to attend felt that the meeting was informative and enjoyable.   As a means of encouraging discussion, we asked residents to come up with a list of the positive things about living in the park.   Those present picked out the trees and wildlife, the park’s sense of history and community, its tranquillity and privacy, and the benefits of having no through traffic.   We then asked the group to identify the challenges faced by those who live in the park and residents’ observations included litter, dog fouling, weeds and roadside parking.   Although these may appear relatively minor they all impact on our environment and quality of life.   However, the issue which causes by far the greatest concern for residents are the abandoned and derelict properties and sites in the park, of which there are now five.   These buildings are becoming an eyesore and residents are concerned that they will inevitably affect property prices.   Not only do they make the park look uncared for but they encourage fly tipping, criminal damage and other forms of anti-social behaviour.   In the last 12 months two of the properties have been daubed with graffiti and one has been set on fire.

After discussion all those present agreed on an action plan for 2016/17, but that our number one priority should be tackling the problem of derelict and abandoned sites and properties in the park.   So our priorities agreed at the AGM were as follows –

  •       Develop a strategic approach to tackling issue of empty and derelict properties in the park
  •       Continue to pursue households that do not pay towards the residents’ association funds
  •       Continue with road repair/resurfacing issues
  •       Ongoing vigilance and surveillance of planning applications
  •       Reporting of anti-social behaviour and other nuisance issues
  •       Consider holding a ‘Clear up Egerton Park’ day

Before concluding the meeting, everyone was asked to note any other issues they would like the committee to consider, which had not already been discussed, on the back of a beer mat.   This exercise produced a number of interesting new ideas and some more familiar ones including the identification of trees in the park, properly engineered speed bumps, the need for bins to be moved off the road once refuse has been collected, and more regular visits by the road sweeper.   A full copy of the minutes of this meeting is available on our website or a copy can be made available from any member of the committee.   A special thank you to Rebecca who has agreed to join the committee.


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