Minutes of AGM – 8th June 2016


Egerton Park Residents’ Association

Minutes of Annual General Meeting

held at Royal Standard House, Rock Ferry

at 7pm on 8th June 2016


Attendance:      12 residents plus 5 committee members.

Apologies:         Apologies for absence were received from 9 residents.

1.   Refreshments, Introductions and Welcome

2.   Positives about living in Egerton Park

The group collectively came up with the following which were listed on a flipchart: 

  • wildlife, particularly birds
  • haven/tranquillity
  • good neighbours
  • trees – greenery
  • friendly
  • not a through-road
  • privacy
  • variety of accommodation – a nice mix
  • families and generations who have lived here give it a sense of stability and continuity
  • history and heritage
  • character
  • inclusive – welcoming of residential homes
  • dawn chorus
  • safety
  • respectable, seen as desirable place to live
  • an active residents’ committee 

3.   The group then identified the challenges as follows: 

  • speeding cars/different on either side of park?   A minority of cars?
  • unoccupied properties and derelict sites a blight
  • weeds on roadside
  • car parking on the road
  • rubbish bins left out
  • fly tipping
  • abandoned cars
  • dog fouling
  • litter
  • planning boundary issues – properties backing on to park
  • maintenance fund – non payers
  • phone lines – problems with BT junction box
  • contractors digging up road – ‘don’t care approach’
  • bottom roundabout – one-way sign needed?

 4.   Discussion

There followed a discussion where those present agreed that the top priority for the forthcoming year should be the derelict unoccupied properties in the park which are impacting on everyone, but particularly on those residents who live opposite and next to these properties.   It was agreed that the committee should develop a more strategic approach to tackling this issue.   One resident agreed to join the committee to assist with this piece of work.   The meeting discussed the role of Wirral Council Empty Properties section, local councillors and MP, and what powers they may have to force owners of the land and properties to take some action; to date they have not been proactive.   One possibility worth exploring might be to seek legal advice.   It was also suggested that we hold a ‘Clear Up Egerton Park Day’ when all residents are asked to clear weeds and litter from their frontage.   Some felt that residents either do this or not regardless of if we pick a designated day, but others felt it could act as a PR exercise/raise the profile of the need for everyone to look after our environment and keep it tidy.

5.   Priorities and Action Plan for 2016/2017 were therefore agreed as follows:

  • Develop a strategic approach to tackling issue of empty and derelict properties in the park;
  • Continue to pursue households that do not pay towards the residents’ association funds;
  • Continue with road repair/resurfacing issues;
  • Ongoing vigilance and surveillance of planning applications;
  • Reporting of anti-social behaviour and other nuisance issues;
  • Keep residents informed via quarterly newsletters and occasional emails;
  • Consider holding a ‘Clear up Egerton Park Day’.

 6.   Beer Mat Challenge

Those present were asked to write down any ideas not already discussed, or that they felt strongly about, on the back of a beer mat.   The points put forward were as follows: 

  • on road car parking
  • consider pavements
  • clear up day/date – good idea
  • tree identification/walk round the park
  • community event
  • properly engineered speed bumps
  • road sweeper more regular
  • deliveries at Salisbury House at 4am – vans very noisy and drive too fast
  • lighting
  • write to ‘rubbish bin’ flats on behalf of residents who have complained
  • derelict sites development
  • bins on driveways
  • visitors parking within easy walking distance of the side of the road

The chair thanked everyone who attended and for their contribution.   Thanks were also given to the committee for all their hard work over the last 12 months.

The meeting finished at 8.35pm.


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