Overdue Maintenance Fees Letter and Invoice – 09/02/2018

The following letter was delivered or posted on Friday 9th February to all those households which, so far this financial year (01/04/2017 to 31/03/2018) have not contributed to the road maintenance fund.   Where indicated in red, personal details were used as relevant to the property and owner.   Slightly modified letters were sent to commercial properties.

Dear ………………………,


Although we delivered an invoice to you dated dd/mm/2017, you have not yet made any contribution to the upkeep of the road for the financial year 01/04/17 to 31/03/18, and your payment is now overdue.   This is set annually at the Egerton Park Residents’ Association AGM and has remained the same since 2006.   Overleaf is a duplicate invoice for this financial year with details of how to pay.   If you think we are mistaken, please contact us to correct our records.

The road in Egerton Park is unadopted by the council, and the owner of each property is legally responsible for its upkeep along their frontage.   For this reason Egerton Park Residents’ Association was established in 2005, and it was agreed that each individual household should pay £60 a year, or £5 a month, towards maintaining the road and other items of infrastructure.   However, we are reliant on property owners paying their fees when due in order to continue to maintain the road.   Most owners are happy to contribute what amounts to only £1.15 a week – less than the price of a cup of coffee – to make the park safer for all of us.   Those who do not pay towards the maintenance fund would not be covered by our public liability insurance if an accident were to occur outside their property.

The majority of Egerton Park residents and owners contribute to the road repairs.   This means that you are leaving your neighbours to pay for road works on your behalf.   The road needs to be maintained in a good state or property values will fall, and there must be good access for refuse collections, deliveries, pedestrians and the emergency services.

Householders who have contributed £5 a month/£60 a year since the fund was established have paid a total of £720, though there are others who have paid much more.   Since you bought your property in year, we have received £…………….., most recently £……..…..… on ………..…………….… for ………………………………….…………………………………….

Your payments are in arrears and overdue.   However, we will waive your outstanding arrears if you start to make and continue regular contributions, whether it be by yearly payment or monthly standing order.   If this happens we will treat your account as up to date.

In the last 3 years we have spent £15,470 in order to maintain the road in a reasonable state.   Together we can make a difference but without your support we cannot.

Yours sincerely,

The Committee,

Egerton Park Residents’ Association



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The End of an Era: 77 Egerton Park – Eg Pk News (Christmas 2017)

Many of you will remember this magnificent Victorian Villa in its heyday.   Sadly you will also have watched its gradual deterioration to a point where it now appears past repair, the final nail in the coffin being the huge fire earlier this year which destroyed much of the roof.   The property has now been fenced off and it seems that its future can only be demolition.

A couple of our more mature residents moved to the park in 1968 – almost 50 years ago – and we have decided to include here some of their memories of life at number 77.

At that time there were few cars seen in the park and the road was pothole free!   The gardens of the house at 77 were beautifully kept with a vegetable plot at the back, where tomatoes were grown and apple trees produced a good harvest of fruit.   Hens, ducks, a pony and a rather noisy rooster also lived at the back of the house.

As far as our residents recall, the elderly owner lived alone but was joined by a woman who travelled from Ireland with 8 children to act as his housekeeper.   She moved into the downstairs rooms of the house and when the owner died she took in lodgers.   She had a reputation as an excellent baker – soda bread was a speciality – and homemaker, and tea and cakes would often be served in the veranda room.

Unusually the kitchen was on the first floor and the house had 2 staircases, one of which was made of beautifully carved wood.   The property also had its own boot room and a rotunda with a glass-leaded domed ceiling.   Sadly none of this remains.

Big parties took place every New Year, complete with a piper in a kilt who walked round the park piping in the new year.   Do we have any volunteers for this year?   Many park residents joined in the celebrations.   Every year a summer fair was held on the lawn with proceeds going to Tranmere Congregational church.

It all sounds a bit like Downton Abbey.   We will all be sorry to see this wonderful building disappear from the park for ever.

If any other residents have memories about the days gone by in the park and about this property in particular, we would love to hear about them and could include them in future newsletters.

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Christmas Shopping? Eg Pk News (Christmas 2017)

One of our residents (the bike man) buys and sells second hand bikes, and all the proceeds from their sale go to Macmillan Nurses and Marie Curie Cancer Care.   The bikes are displayed outside his house, are all in good working order and are very reasonably priced – an ideal present for a child who has just learnt to ride.   They won’t cost the earth and you will be donating to charity at the same time.

He also grows the best dahlias in Egerton Park!

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Road Repairs – Eg Pk News (Christmas 2017)

Your committee met last month and discussed the current state of the road.   We think that we are currently managing to keep pace with the potholes but, with a harsh winter promised, more road damage will doubtless appear by the spring.   Our plan is to ask our contractor to have a look at the road in April/May next year and identify some larger areas for resurfacing.   Where possible, this has proved to be more effective than filling individual potholes.   We have approximately £5000 available to spend on the road – so thanks again to all those who contribute to our fund – we couldn’t do it without you!

If you do contribute towards our maintenance fund and you have a patch of road outside your property that needs repair, do contact us (preferably by email) and we will try to include it in our next round of road maintenance.

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Maintenance Fund – Eg Pk News (Christmas 2017)

On 11th September we delivered invoices to those properties whose owners require a reminder when their annual contribution for the road repairs is due.   In addition, we continue to write to those residents who do not regularly contribute, requesting that they commence payment so that the cost of repairs is shared fairly by all those who live in the park.   This has produced new payments and is well worth the persistence and effort from your committee.

This year the committee has also started to contact property owners who do not live in the park, including those of multiple occupancy properties.   We have used the HM Land Registry website to search for the relevant information.   We are individualising the letters, pointing out where road repairs have been completed outside their properties, and also mentioning specific problems relating to individual addresses such as litter and bins.   There are now two examples of property owners/managers who have taken direct action to clear up areas around bins since receiving our letters.   The majority of these owners have also never previously contributed towards our fund.   This campaign is producing some positive results and, in particular, we received a significant sum from the owner of two adjoining large buildings.   This now means that in a number of cases we no longer need to invoice individual tenants in some of the larger multi-occupancy properties because we are contacting owners directly.

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Missing Speed Sign – Eg Pk News (Christmas 2017)

On the morning of Sunday 22nd October there was a tragic road accident outside the entrance of Egerton Park.   Later that day, a committee member noticed that our speed sign and the post to which it was attached, and which used to stand by the left entrance pillar, was lying across the pavement.   With help from a passer-by, (the post itself was extremely heavy!) both post and attached speed sign were moved inside the entrance and propped against the wall for retrieval later.

Soon afterwards, however, both the sign and the post had disappeared.   It could have snapped off in the wind as the base of the post was badly rusted; it might have been damaged in the course of the accident, or vandalised and then stolen.   Whatever the reason, both sign and post have mysteriously gone missing.   Maybe a well-meaning resident has put it in their garden for safekeeping?   If that is the case, please contact us so that we can rescue the sign.

The council has been contacted to see if Streetscene has cleared it away and they are currently investigating.   This sign was paid for by residents so if at all possible we would like, at the very least, to get the sign back.   If you have any information about its whereabouts, please contact the committee.

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Have I Been Pwned? – Eg Pk News (Christmas 2017)

No, it isn’t a spelling mistake!   It’s the name of a very useful website.   It seems that all too often we hear about major websites being hacked and email addresses being listed online; in some cases passwords are obtained too.   There was a particularly large data leak of 700 million email addresses in August of this year.   So we would all like to know if our own email address has been affected.

www.haveibeenpwned.com was set up by a cyber security expert to allow people to check just that.   It is a safe service that enables web users to check their email address against lists of known data leaks.   You’ll need to enter your email address but that is all.   If you get bad news and your email address has been included in a data breach, it would be sensible to change the relevant passwords.   Ideally, never use the same password for multiple sites, and it’s more important than ever to watch out for spam and junk messages.  If requested, the website can also notify you automatically when future ‘pwnage’ occurs and your account compromised.

To find out more, www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-41095606 is the link to a BBC article about the large spamming operation and the Have I Been Pwned website.   Help can also be found at www.which.co.uk/pwned (you don’t need to be a member of Which?).

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